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The ECU or Electronic Control Unit is a device that helps your car manages different electronic functions. They might be related to brakes, fuels, cabin controls, cabin temperature, suspension, and many more. Some cars have one device to control all the functions and some have multiple devices to monitor different functions.

It is highly important for all motor vehicles because all functions depend on the ECU. A greater part of the car’s ability to perform depends on the smooth functioning of the device. We at Dubai Auto Workshop believe that with our finest programming skills you do not need to go elsewhere for your problems.

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A. Inspecting and Locating the Problem

Our garage in Dubai has trained workers to inspect your vehicle’s circuit board when it comes to repairing. We check for water or acid corrosion, fire burn, and damage. We also check the software and ECU programming.

With our improved and specific testers for your brand, we can determine the exact condition of the device. The diagnosis is accurate and it helps you to decide further.

B. Our Replacement & Repainting

We replace all the essential components to increase the life span of the unit. Our service focuses on targeting and substituting the older parts with the newer, efficient ones. This ensures an optimum transfer of the signals and reduces voltage fluctuations.

We make sure that before we install the unit, it is repainted to resist high temperatures. This benefits the smooth working of the device and increases its productivity. A summary of the entire inspection and all changes are provided to you for all future references.

C. Programming Your ECU

For changing the engine to add or upgrade the components, stock ECU might or might not be able to give the right kind of controls for the applications. To adjust for engine changes, a programmable unit should be used instead of the ECU which was shipped by the factory. Features that might need a device up-gradation include turbo charging, supercharging, a fully aspirated engine, spark plug up-gradation, or fuel injection.

It might also need to modify the exhaust or improvements, transmission up-gradations, and much more. The Programming of an ECU requires linking the unit to the computer. This linkage is needed so that the programming computer can send detailed engine adjustments to the control unit of the engine. This also helps to note the condition of the vehicle’s engine at all times.

D. More about Our ECU Service

There are other areas in which the software could make alterations. These Para-metres are

  • Transient oil
  • Fuel injection
  • Closed-loop Lambda
  • Launch control
  • Ignition timing
  • Fuel Pressure Regulations
  • Gear Control
  • Variable Cam Timing
  • Anti-Lag
  • Waste regulation
  • Regulating water temperature

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