Gearbox Repair Dubai

Car Gearbox Repair Dubai – The gearbox is essential for the safe and easy functioning of all vehicles. However, we at Dubai Auto Workshop understand that there might come a time when it needs to be fixed or substituted. It is alternatively termed as a transmission, and it is a portion of a system that contains a the clutch. The clutch enhances the torque while also lowering the momentum of the prime mover output shaft. 

The transmission system of a four-wheeler is very structured. However, frequent use means that it will require professional repair if and when something goes wrong. A completely working gear is important for the safety of you and your loved ones. Check, if you note any of the following signs, and bring the car to an expert service centre.

Gearbox Repair Dubai
Gearbox Repair

Can You Hear Strange Noises?

Do you notice sudden whining, clunking, or buzzing noises coming from your gears? This is generally a sign of a gearbox problem. Note if the vehicle is highly noisy even in neutral gear. There may be other reasons for loud noise, but with expert opinion, you can easily fix your problems.

Are You Getting a Burning Smell? 

It is a sign that the gear is overheating from excessive friction. It is commonly caused by a deficiency of transmission fluid. This burnt smell of transmission fluid is also an indication that your gearbox is going wrong. Immediately visit the best repair centre in Dubai without further delay.

Are You Facing Problems While Shifting Gears?

You may be facing difficulty or limitations when adjusting gears or a forced movement when changing gear. This is an immediate sign that there is a problem with the transmission. If the gears of your car don’t work while driving or changes gears without any reason, you must not worry. Our creative and efficient solutions will erase your worries in no time.

Leaking fluid
Always keep in mind that the transmission liquid is red. If you ever notice pooling in the fluid or red fluid dots on your drive, bring your vehicle into our garage right away. However, leaking transmission fluid doesn’t always mean that the gear needs to be replaced. Yet, a leak may add trouble to other motors in your four-wheeler over time. 

Other Problems with the Gearbox

Some problems are very common in cars with automatic gear. A sudden shake might happen when the gear is changing. This is often a definite indication that the transmission is facing an issue. If your car is unresponsive when you try to shift gears like from parking to driving.

With our advanced technology and upgraded mechanism, gear issues are no longer worrisome. Our expert team will analyse the level of the issue and provide reassuring solutions.

Why Your Gearbox Needs To Be Repaired By The Best car garage In Dubai?

Immediate and active resolution is needed for the modern lifestyle so that we are never falling behind. The speed, mobility, and performance of your car rely on the working of the inner parts. Book your schedule with us today and bring an end to all your troubles.

Car Gearbox Repairs