Ignition Test Dubai

There’s no denying that a car seems simple enough to start; however, the series of sequences that takes place to get the pistons pumping is complex- always beginning with an ignition.

Ignition is nothing but the process which ensures the car engine receiving enough electricity to get up and running. Needless to say, if this ignition fails, no car will be able to run on the road.

Ignition Test Dubai
Car Ignition Test

A Complete Overview of Car Ignition Test

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the various signs that can help you determine if your car encounters ignition failure.

While most of these signs can also lead to other technical issues, it’s only better if you choose us at the Dubai Auto Workshop for a guaranteed automobile solution.

Car Fails To Start

A car that refuses to start is the most significant sign of ignition failure. You might try to crank up your engine, but the result will be much less substantial and helpful if the ignition is faulty.

In most cases, this is necessary due to the electrical circuit corrosion, which directly connects with the ignition system, thereby preventing the standard electricity flow.

Key Will Not Turn

Next in line, another common situation is when the car key will turn in the ignition. First of all, you must turn the wheel to check if the ignition lock is not engaged. If the key still refuses to kick in the ignition, it may be due to the excessive wear inside the ignition. This restricts the key from properly aligning with the keyhole.

It’s essential to mention that if you fail to turn the key, you won’t start the car. However, worry not, as we at the Dubai Auto Workshop are more than happy to help you in such a crisis.


Stalling is another name that falls under the list of reasons for ignition failure. Although it can branch into several issues apart from ignition failure, it can only make any significant hindrance if the car is in motion.

Flickering Dashboard Lights

There’s no denying that flickering dashboard lights can often be identified due to potential ignition failure. It’s essential to mention that this isn’t very common, despite being relevant to the subject at hand. Much like the earlier point, this will only occur once the car is out on the road.

No Noise from the Starter Motor

Lastly, there’s also the chance that you put the key correctly, but there’s no sound of ignition. This usually indicates a faulty ignition switch, which is struggling to create the pathway for electricity to supply the power to the starter motor. Make sure to check the car battery for once in this case. However, the battery is in fine condition; you must consider approaching us at the Dubai Auto Workshop to repair and test the ignition failure in your car.

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